🤑 this record/magazine holder has been on the list for a while now, lichen
🎧 clash dj mix – pat lok, soundcloud
🎥 how the largest free kitchen prepares its meals, youtube
🤑 two in a row; another banger from drakes, drakes
🎧 a-trak + ferreck dawn – coming home, spotify
🖼 kanye knows what’s good w/ cartier, instagram
🤑 $2,289 sheesh, mannahatta
🤑 the more pockets the better, meridian
🌐 if you like to scroll aimlessly, this ones for you, hakim.se
📰 the things kenzo takada left behind, nytimes
📰 hermès; the original founder of hype, GQ
📰 how spend less time in your phone, medium
🖼 would be nice to travel again, instagram
🌐 the perfect harmony between concrete, wood, and natural light, t. teshima architects


spent a few days redoing the website; also listened to the clash DJ mix on repeat for most of the week, don’t sleep